Difference Between Artwork for Screen Printing and Embroidery

Embroidery disks can be created from vector and raster based objects. Since the creation of these files is specialized and uses special software, we ALWAYS have to recreate the artwork into a file the embroidery machine will understand. This process is called digitizing.

Screen print art has to be color separated so a vector file is preferred. In screen print, each color in a design has a screen created just to print that 1 color. So, if your design has 3 colors, that’s 3 screens minimum. Dark shirts have to have a white base screen so that a white ink can be put down first then the colors built on top. If we don’t do this step, the colors will not show up on the dark shirts.

If you are supplying your own art, the artwork must be “camera ready” in order to avoid any additional charges.

CAMERA-READY Artwork Requirements for Screen Printing DEFINED:

Camera-ready art is defined as black and white line art that has sharp, clean lines, requires no retouching, and is complete with text and/or graphics. We expect that you have proofread your art and/or copy before sending it to us and that it is correct and ready for immediate processing.

  • We prefer Corel Draw X3 files but can accept vector eps files. Dropping a .jpg into a .eps file does not make it vector.
  • Corel needs to be saved as X3 or prior
  • Illustrator files need to be v9 or prior
  • Photoshop files must be color separated using CHANNELS. Layers do not separate colors for producing films
  • Photoshop files must be provided at sized to final print size and should be 200 dpi or better
  • All fonts need to be converted to curves or outlines.

Art is not camera-ready if:

  • MS Powerpoint and MS Word are not graphics programs and do not provide camera ready art
  • Art is supplied in a .jpg, .bmp, or .gif format.
  • photocopied or faxed a business card, stationery, or newsprint soiled, smudged, torn, or bent
  • We have to add text to a logo
  • We have to add a logo to text

We prefer to take Corel (.cdr), Illustrator (.ai), or Vector .eps files. Any text in these files needs to be converted to curves or they will not work on our computers since we probably don’t have the same fonts.

We can take .jpg, .bmp. or .tiff files. In most cases, we have to convert the file to vector in order to seperate out the colors for printing. If this is the case, an art setup charge will likely be incurred.


These will be redrawn if possible but most likely they will not provide enough detail even to be redrawn.

Can Skyline Prints create art work for you?

You bet! We LOVE to create artwork!! We have several graphic artists that are waiting to create a design just for you.
If you want to work directly with an artist outside of our store, let us know. We have several around the country that will be glad to work with you and know the formats we need the art in for printing.

How long does it take to have custom artwork or redraws complete?

Custom artwork can take up to 2 weeks depending on how many revisions.
Redraws normally take 2 business days or less

How do I see a proof of my art?

We will email you a proof for your approval.

How do I submit my own artwork?

Simple, you can email it to us or use our File Upload form.

Will my shirt placement and ink colors look exactly like my proof?

Good question! We make every effort to display an accurate color match for your design. However, slight variations may occur due to differences in color calibration between our computer monitors and your computer monitors. The colors you see will depend on your monitor settings and may be different from the actual imprint colors for your product. Also, ink colors are represented on computers but usually have a slight variance once printed. We have no liability as a result of any variances between the appearance of colors displayed on your monitor and on any printed product purchased.

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