Family Reunion T-shirts and Banners plus family reunion planning tips

Family Reunion T-shirtsFamily Reunion T-shirts and Banners are just a few of the things you will probably need for a successful family reunion event. has worked with many families over the years and based on those experiences, we have learned a few tips that we thought we would pass along.

Prepare and Plan

The most successful family reunions we have worked with had people who excelled in planning and organization.  There are many details involved in putting on a successful family reunion and for someone who has never done it before, it can be quite overwhelming.

Create a Team

Typically, there are far too many details for any one person to handle alone.  We recommend recruiting some family members to help you organize and carry out the list of tasks that will be required.  If you start out far enough in advance, you could meet monthly to discuss ideas and what is going to be needed.  Probably as the event approaches, meeting more frequently will be needed.

Create a Checklist

The use of a checklist cannot be stressed enough.  There are many details to be tracked and performed.  Every one of these items from the smallest to the most complex need to be on your list to ensure it is completed.  We recommend keeping this checklist with you at all times so you can jot down updates or new tasks.  You’d be surprised when you find yourself thinking about a task or getting a creative idea that you need to remember to discuss later with your team.

Sample Recommended Schedule Ideas

  • 6 months to 1 year in advance
    • Form your committee or team
    • Review family contact information and update as required
    • Make first contact with family to advise of the event.
    • Ask family members for suggestions on dates and location
  • 3-5 month
    • Set up a website to keep the family up to date.  Facebook and Twitter are great ways to communicate updates
    • Finalize a venue and make reservations
    • Get estimates for food, souvenirs, photographers, vendors.  Try to determine overall cost as close as possible so creating a budget is viable
    • Create a budget
    • Mail out invitations
    • Start collecting funds from family members
  • 1-2 month
    • Order reunion souvenir items such as T-shirts, Pens, Banners, Hats, Bags, etc…
    • Create event schedules
    • Contact hotels for lodging and be sure to ask about group rates
    • Update Facebook/Twitter weekly with the progress
    • Start gathering the decorations
  • 1-2 WEEKS
    • Bring the committee together for one last check off of all items
    • Buy any last minutes items
    • Sort souvenirs into individual bags to make it easier to distribute
  • Day Of Event
    • ENJOY!  All your hard work and planning will pay off.  You and your family will enjoy a fantastic day of memory sharing and catching up.  It will be a day that will be remember for a life time. is standing by to help you.  We are a one stop shop for souvenirs. We can supply the t-shirts, banners, pens, bags, and more that will make your event memorable.  Don’t let the opportunity slip by.  The designing of your shirt takes time so please contact us early.  Also remember to get sizes from family members in your pre-planning stage.  Also, the more shirts ordered, the cheaper the price.

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