Save on giftsNow is the time of year when stores are having clearance deals on most merchandise.  A good way to get a head start on Christmas is to buy a few inexpensive baskets and fill them with small gifts tailored to specific people on your list.  For example, a friend who enjoys gardening might enjoy a watering can and some seeds.  Add in some Miracle Grow, and you’ve got a great gift ready to go.  Customize the collections by the person’s likes and interests.

A basketful of nail care items for a teenage girl; candy and cookies for someone with a sweet tooth.  Practical items for someone elderly, such as store-brand pain relievers and other personal items.  Most of these type items can be found at rock-bottom prices during August and September at all types of stores such as drug stores, department stores such as Dollar General and Family Dollar.  Also look around at grocery stores for items that individually wouldn’t be anything special, but could be combined with other things to make a great personalized collection.  For a coffee drinker, pick up small packages of gourmet coffee, a nice mug, and some flavored creamers.  It’s possible to make these collections for little money if you pick things up along the way and add them to the appropriate person’s basket.  Then when the holiday arrives, you already have some of your gifts completed and ready to give.